Insurers use new “Fundamental Dishonesty” tactic to defeat genuine claims!

Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper headline screaming that fraudulent insurance claims put £50 on everyone’s insurance premiums. Leaving aside the obvious slam dunk argument against this nonsense endlessly pumped out by overstaffed PR departments of the major companies namely “what are you doing knowingly paying out on fraudulent claims” surely nobody actually believes a word they say. In any event we will now see if the insurance companies can be taken at their word as a raft of new laws aimed specifically at reducing claims have been approved by the government in exchange for a promise by them to reduce all our premiums. Claimant law firms remain sceptical that savings from these measures will be passed on to customers particularly when it was revealed in a study by the Guardian newspaper that the Conservative party has received £4.9 million pounds in donations from insurance companies over the last decade. The report can be seen here

One of the measures being used by insurers is that if it can be shown that any aspect of the case is “fundamentally dishonest” then the whole case, however genuine and however huge will be struck out and the claimant left to pick up the tab. This scare tactic is being used excessively as insurers face no consequence whatsoever if their allegations are eventually not proved. It remains to be seen if this tactic will be curtailed by Judges hearing the cases but this highlights how important it is for accident victims to get the right representation from the start. Any mistake in the initial claim documents can and will be used by insurers to defeat claims using this new measure so the advice from Acclaim is to get it right from the start… us first.